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2017 | Triple rule out

H. Hänninen, Helsinki, Finland ThoraxVascularCT Protocols

2015 | The non-traumatic bleeding patients Acute vascular internventions

Niels Einar Kløw, Oslo, Norway VascularIntervention

2015 | Emergency Vascular MRA Simpler is Better

Constantine A. Raptis, MD, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis, MO, USA VascularMR

2019 | Vena cava syndrome in the oncologic patient - Clinical picture

L Rogg, Oslo, Norway VascularThoraxAbdomen

2019 | Imaging options in suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm

Eric Dorenberg, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascular

2019 | Post partum bleeding. Imaging and vascular intervention.

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascularIntervention

2019 | Thoracic aorta Non-traumatic emergency imaging

Johannes Godt, Oslo, Norway ThoraxVascular

2015 | Patients with suspected DVT of the lower limb How to exam the patient

Johannes Godt, Oslo, NO Vascular