Emergency and Trauma Radiology 2025

June 2nd - June 5th, 2025

Special edition: 9th Nordic Course in Emergency Radiology - Combined trauma and non-trauma emergency radiology course

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Erik Haslestad/VisitOSLO


February 8th 2023

Nordter contact emails have been updated

Our email address is now working again

We have recently discovered that some email messages sent to the Nordter emails during the last few months have unfortunately not gone through. This is now fixed.

April 28th 2020

Trauma Imaging Guidelines

Update 2020/2017

Updated trauma imaging guidelines from NORDTER including WBCT-T, Injury grading scales and Imaging of penetrating trauma.

March 31st 2020

Resources for up to date information about COVID-19 for radiologists.

RSNA CT recommendations - COVID-19

Abstract: Routine screening CT for the identification of COVID-19 pneumonia is currently not recommended by most radiology societies. However, the number of CTs performed in persons