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2017 | Interpreting thoracic X-ray of the supine immobile patient

J. Godt, Oslo, Norway Thorax

2017 | Triple rule out

H. Hänninen, Helsinki, Finland ThoraxVascularCT Protocols

2017 | Hernias of the torso - What your surgeon wants to know

K. Linnau, Seattle, USA ThoraxAbdomen

2017 | Pulmonary Embolism

H. Lauri, Helsinki, Finland Thorax

2015 | Beyond the Acute Aorta Other aortic causes of chest pain

Constantine A. Raptis, MD, St. Louis, MO, USA Thorax

2019 | Vena cava syndrome in the oncologic patient - Clinical picture

L Rogg, Oslo, Norway VascularThoraxAbdomen

2019 | Pulmonary infections in the acute setting, the role of radiology

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Thorax

2019 | Pulmonary embolism

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Thorax

2019 | Vena cava syndrome. Imaging and treatment options.

JB Dormagen, Oslo, Norway ThoraxHead/Neck

2019 | Imaging of pediatric chest and airway emergencies

Susan John, Houston, USA ThoraxPediatrics

2019 | Thoracic aorta Non-traumatic emergency imaging

Johannes Godt, Oslo, Norway ThoraxVascular

2015 | CT Imaging of Pulmonary Infections

Constantine A. Raptis, St Louis, MO, US Thorax

2015 | Imaging of the Acute Aortic Syndrome Pearls and pitfalls

Constantine A. Raptis, St Louis, MO, US ThoraxAbdomen

2015 | Clinical aspects of Lung embolism and Deep Venous trombosis

Egil Johnson, Oslo, NO Thorax