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2017 | Foreign bodies, lines and devices What to look for

K. Linnau, Seattle, USA Miscellaneous

2017 | Patient flow in the ED - The Turku model

K. Mattila, Turku, Finland Miscellaneous

2017 | What is being missed in ER, when and why

P-A. Poletti, Geneva, Switzerland Miscellaneous

2017 | Clinical decision support and evidence based imaging

C. C. Blackmore, Seattle, USA Miscellaneous

2019 | Imaging and radiation considerations in Emergency CT

Anne Catrine Martinsen, physicist, Oslo, Norway CT ProtocolsMiscellaneousTechnique

2015 | Patient flows at the emergency department Activities in the ER involving radiology

Helle Midtgaard, Oslo, NO Miscellaneous

2015 | Working rutines for Residents on call. Experiences from Oslo

Johannes Godt, Oslo, NO Miscellaneous

2015 | Incidental findings

Bruce Lehnert,, ?, ? Miscellaneous

2015 | How do we handle CIN in the emergency situation

Peter Aspelin, Stockholm, SE Miscellaneous

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Pierre-Alexandre Poletti, Geneva, CH Miscellaneous