emergency | Intervention

2015 | The non-traumatic bleeding patients Acute vascular internventions

Niels Einar Kløw, Oslo, Norway VascularIntervention

2015 | Hemostasis parameters and medication prior to radiological interventions

Per Morten Sandset, Oslo, Norway Intervention

2019 | Biliary Emergencies The role of the interventionalist

Ole Einar Heieren, Oslo, Norway AbdomenIntervention

2019 | Acute GI bleedings Interventional treatment options

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway InterventionAbdomen

2019 | Post partum bleeding. Imaging and vascular intervention.

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascularIntervention

2019 | Time for intervention When and how to intervene in stroke

Øivind Gjertsen, Oslo, Norway InterventionHead/Neck