emergency | 2019

2019 | Neck infections

Kathleen Fink, Seattle, USA Head/Neck

2019 | Central nervous system infections

K. Fink, Seattle, USA SpineHead/Neck

2019 | Vena cava syndrome in the oncologic patient - Clinical picture

L Rogg, Oslo, Norway VascularThoraxAbdomen

2019 | Scrotal ultrasound in the emergency setting

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Ultrasound

2019 | The use of Dual Energy CT in the acute patient, case based lecture

Cathrine Johansen, Oslo, Norway CT ProtocolsTechnique

2019 | Imaging options in suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm

Eric Dorenberg, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascular

2019 | Biliary Emergencies The role of the interventionalist

Ole Einar Heieren, Oslo, Norway AbdomenIntervention

2019 | Pelvic pain in the female patient

Raffaella Baslilico, Chieti, Italy Abdomen

2019 | Musculoskeletal emergency imaging

Elizabeth Dick, London, United Kingdom Musculoskeletal

2019 | Conquering the night on call in the pediatric emergency radiology department

Susan John, Houston, USA Pediatrics

2019 | Pulmonary infections in the acute setting, the role of radiology

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Thorax

2019 | Biliary Emergencies Overcalls and undercalls

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA Abdomen

2019 | Brain and ischemia Cause and consequence

K Fink, Seattle, USA Head/Neck

2019 | Abdominal and pelvic MR in the Emergency Room

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA AbdomenMR

2019 | Acute GI bleedings Imaging approach

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA Abdomen

2019 | Pulmonary embolism

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Thorax

2019 | Vena cava syndrome. Imaging and treatment options.

JB Dormagen, Oslo, Norway ThoraxHead/Neck

2019 | Abdominal pain in pediatrics - Image wisely

Susan John, Houston, USA AbdomenPediatrics

2019 | Spondylodiscitis

Seppo Koskinen, Stockholm, Sweden Musculoskeletal

2019 | Acute GI bleedings Interventional treatment options

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway InterventionAbdomen

2019 | Low dose CT in abdominal Emergencies

Alexandra Platon, Geneva, Switzerland AbdomenCT Protocols

2019 | MDCT of bowel obstruction and complication

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA AbdomenCT Protocols

2019 | Spinal emergencies

Kathleen Fink, Seattle, USA Spine

2019 | Imaging of pediatric chest and airway emergencies

Susan John, Houston, USA ThoraxPediatrics

2019 | Ultrasound in the emergency department

Alexandra Platon, Geneva, Switzerland Ultrasound

2019 | Oncologic spinal cord emergencies what the radiation oncologist wants to know

Lotte Rogg, Oslo, Norway Spine

2019 | Post partum bleeding. Imaging and vascular intervention.

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascularIntervention

2019 | Imaging and radiation considerations in Emergency CT

Anne Catrine Martinsen, physicist, Oslo, Norway CT ProtocolsMiscellaneousTechnique

2019 | Intussusception in the child. Imaging and treatment options.

Christine Sæter, Oslo, Norway AbdomenPediatrics

2019 | Hernias of the torso - What your surgeon wants to know

Ken Linnau, Seattle, USA Abdomen

2019 | Bariatric surgery - radiologist's perspective and cases

Tiina Lehtimäki, Helsinki, Finland Abdomen

2019 | Time for intervention When and how to intervene in stroke

Øivind Gjertsen, Oslo, Norway InterventionHead/Neck

2019 | Postoperative complications after GI surgery

Giedre Kavaliauskiene, Oslo, Norway Abdomen

2019 | Acute pancreatitis, what's important

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA Abdomen

2019 | Unusual etiologies of abdominal pain case-based differential

Ken Linnau, Seattle, USA Abdomen

2019 | Bowel ischemia, pearls and pitfalls

Tiina Lehtimäki, Helsinki, Finland Abdomen

2019 | Thoracic aorta Non-traumatic emergency imaging

Johannes Godt, Oslo, Norway ThoraxVascular

2019 | Unexpected masses encountered in the pediatric ED

Susan John, Houston, USA Pediatrics

2019 | Acute osteomyelitis and septic arthritis in children

Elisabeth v. Brandis, Oslo, Norway MusculoskeletalPediatrics

2019 | Acute intracranial hemorrhage

Kathleen Fink, Seattle, USA Head/Neck