trauma | 2016

2016 | Abdominal Solid Organ Injury

K.Shanmuganathan, Baltimore, USA Abdomen

2016 | Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries

K.Shanmuganathan, Baltimore, USA Abdomen

2016 | Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures.

K.Linnau, Seattle, USA Musculoskeletal

2016 | Imaging Polytrauma

M. Gunn, Seattle, USA MiscellaneousTechnique

2016 | Penetrating Trauma

K.Shanmuganathan, Baltimore, USA Penetrating trauma

2016 | Imaging the Pregnant Trauma Patient

Martin Gunn, Seattle, USA Miscellaneous

2016 | Sports Injuries

Frank Bensch, Helsinki, Finland MusculoskeletalMiscellaneous

2016 | Thorasic Injury and Osteosynthesis of Chest Wall.

K. Neckelmann, Odense, Denmark Thorax

2016 | Intraosseus Contrast

B. Leidner, Stockholm, Sweden TechniqueMiscellaneous

2016 | Thoraco-Lumbar spine trauma

K.Linnau, Seattle, USA Spine

2016 | Immobilizing the Spine. New National Approach

Torben Wisborg, Hammerfest, Norway Spine

2016 | High Energy Lower Extremity Trauma.

K. Linnau, Seattle, USA Musculoskeletal

2016 | Ultrasound in Trauma

P.A.Poletti, Geneva, Switzerland Ultrasound

2016 | Aortic Injuries. Recent Findings

Martin Gunn, Seattle, USA Vascular

2016 | Retroperitoneum Injuries

Stuart E. Mirvis,, Washington D.C., USA Abdomen

2016 | The Art of Radiology

B. Leidner, Stockholm, Sweden Miscellaneous

2016 | Easily Missed Fractures of Foot and Ankle

Ken F. Linnau, Seattle, USA Musculoskeletal

2016 | Major Trauma in Pediatric Patients

K.Linnau, Seattle, USA Pediatrics

2016 | Trauma CT Focus CT-protocol

B. Leidner, Stockholm, Sweden CT ProtocolsTechnique

2016 | Cervical Spine

S.Mirvis, Washington D.C., USA Spine

2016 | Missed Injuries.

K.Shanmuganathan, Baltimore, USA Miscellaneous

2016 | Orbital Trauma

Stuart E. Mirvis, Washington D.C., USA Head/Neck

2016 | Emergency Oddities

Stuart E. Mirvis, Baltimore, Maryland, US Miscellaneous

2016 | Blunt Diaphragm Injury

Stuart E. Mirvis, Baltimore, Maryland, US Thorax

2016 | Ultrasound of musculoskeletal injuries

M.B.Hellfritzsch, Aarhus, DK MusculoskeletalUltrasound

2016 | Fractures in Children

K.Rosendahl, Aarhus, DK Musculoskeletal

2016 | Pearls and Pittfalls in Abdominal Trauma. Case Based

Martin Gunn, Washington, US Abdomen

2016 | Trauma to the Knee 5 + 1 radiographic diagnosis you just can’t miss.

S. Koskinen, Stockholm, SE Musculoskeletal

2016 | Battered Child Syndrome.

K. Rosendahl, Aarhus, DK Musculoskeletal

2016 | Chest Wall Injuries.

M.Nummela, Helsinki, FI Thorax