Intraosseus contrast medium injection for CT

Summary by Bertil Leidner, Nordter

Intraosseus infusion of fluids may be used when venous access is not possible, i.e. in hypovolemic patients. Since CT scanning is today performed in borderline circulatory unstable/stable trauma patients, we may be faced with the question of contrast media administration by IO needles. A short summary of the handling of this situation is presented together with a reference list of articles presented in pdf.

This summary is intended to form a base for creation of a local routine for IO contrast media injection.

It is possible to inject iodine contrast media by intraosseus vascular access.

Use intraosseus vascular access preferably inserted in proximal humerus with standard trauma injection & scan protocol, 2.5 ml/sec + saline. 

More information will be published soon.