emergency | 2015

2015 | The non-traumatic bleeding patients Acute vascular internventions

Niels Einar Kløw, Oslo, Norway VascularIntervention

2015 | Beyond the Acute Aorta Other aortic causes of chest pain

Constantine A. Raptis, MD, St. Louis, MO, USA Thorax

2015 | Emergency Vascular MRA Simpler is Better

Constantine A. Raptis, MD, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis, MO, USA VascularMR

2015 | Hemostasis parameters and medication prior to radiological interventions

Per Morten Sandset, Oslo, Norway Intervention

2015 | Pediatric abdominal emergencies

Kristian Stien Thomassen, Oslo, NO Abdomen

2015 | Umbilical catheters Positions and complications

Hampus Eklöf, Uppsala, SE Abdomen

2015 | MS emergencies in children- Osteomyelitis arthritis

Elisabeth von Brandis, Oslo, NO Musculoskeletal

2015 | Patient flows at the emergency department Activities in the ER involving radiology

Helle Midtgaard, Oslo, NO Miscellaneous

2015 | Bowel emergencies

Bruce Lehnert, ?, ? Abdomen

2015 | Gastric bypass. The surgical view

Tom Mala, Oslo, NO Abdomen

2015 | Working rutines for Residents on call. Experiences from Oslo

Johannes Godt, Oslo, NO Miscellaneous

2015 | Incidental findings

Bruce Lehnert,, ?, ? Miscellaneous

2015 | How do we handle CIN in the emergency situation

Peter Aspelin, Stockholm, SE Miscellaneous

2015 | CT Imaging of Pulmonary Infections

Constantine A. Raptis, St Louis, MO, US Thorax

2015 | Gastric bypass. the radiological view

Eirik Hornes Halvorsen, Oslo, NO Abdomen

2015 | Imaging of the Acute Aortic Syndrome Pearls and pitfalls

Constantine A. Raptis, St Louis, MO, US ThoraxAbdomen

2015 | Clinical aspects of the patient with acute abdomen

Egil Johnson, Oslo, NO Abdomen

2015 | Clinical aspects of Lung embolism and Deep Venous trombosis

Egil Johnson, Oslo, NO Thorax

2015 |

Pierre-Alexandre Poletti, Geneva, CH Miscellaneous

2015 | Patients with suspected DVT of the lower limb How to exam the patient

Johannes Godt, Oslo, NO Vascular