Emergency Radiology 2019

Emergency radiology 2019 in Oslo

Photo: VISITOSLO/Didrick Stenersen

Nordter welcomes you to the 6th emergency radiology course

Welcome to Oslo and the 7th Nordic Course in Emergency Radiology from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th of May 2019! We are very proud to present an exciting 3.5 days program with international faculty and speakers. The main goal of our course is to supply junior and senior radiologists and technicians with basic and advanced knowledge in emergency imaging. Oslo, the capital of Norway, is located at the northernmost end of the beautiful Oslofjord. Oslo is the fastest growing capital in all of Europe, with amazing changes going on in everything from local cuisine to architecture. Come take part in the excitement, and you will discover a city surprisingly rich in culture – and close to nature. If you stay an additional night, you will have the unique possibility to celebrate the Norwegian National day at 17th of May. There are direct flights to Oslo from most major cities in Scandinavia and Europe, and from some cities in North America and Asia. Oslo can also be reached by ferry from Copenhagen, Frederikshavn and Kiel and has excellent train connections.

Oslo, Norway

12th May - 16th May, 2019


  • Imaging Emergencies from Top to Toe
  • Ultrasound in the ED
  • Interactive sessions with RSNA Diagnosis live
  • Extended Abdominal Imaging Sessions
  • The Postoperative Patient
  • Pediatric Emergencies


Neck infections

Kathleen Fink, Seattle, USA Head/Neck

Central nervous system infections

K. Fink, Seattle, USA SpineHead/Neck

Vena cava syndrome in the oncologic patient - Clinical picture

L Rogg, Oslo, Norway VascularThoraxAbdomen

Scrotal ultrasound in the emergency setting

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Ultrasound

The use of Dual Energy CT in the acute patient, case based lecture

Cathrine Johansen, Oslo, Norway CT ProtocolsTechnique

Imaging options in suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm

Eric Dorenberg, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascular

Biliary Emergencies The role of the interventionalist

Ole Einar Heieren, Oslo, Norway AbdomenIntervention

Pelvic pain in the female patient

Raffaella Baslilico, Chieti, Italy Abdomen

Musculoskeletal emergency imaging

Elizabeth Dick, London, United Kingdom Musculoskeletal

Conquering the night on call in the pediatric emergency radiology department

Susan John, Houston, USA Pediatrics

Pulmonary infections in the acute setting, the role of radiology

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Thorax

Biliary Emergencies Overcalls and undercalls

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA Abdomen

Brain and ischemia Cause and consequence

K Fink, Seattle, USA Head/Neck

Abdominal and pelvic MR in the Emergency Room

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA AbdomenMR

Acute GI bleedings Imaging approach

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA Abdomen

Pulmonary embolism

Nupur Verma, Gainesville, USA Thorax

Vena cava syndrome. Imaging and treatment options.

JB Dormagen, Oslo, Norway ThoraxHead/Neck

Abdominal pain in pediatrics - Image wisely

Susan John, Houston, USA AbdomenPediatrics


Seppo Koskinen, Stockholm, Sweden Musculoskeletal

Acute GI bleedings Interventional treatment options

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway InterventionAbdomen

Low dose CT in abdominal Emergencies

Alexandra Platon, Geneva, Switzerland AbdomenCT Protocols

MDCT of bowel obstruction and complication

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA AbdomenCT Protocols

Spinal emergencies

Kathleen Fink, Seattle, USA Spine

Imaging of pediatric chest and airway emergencies

Susan John, Houston, USA ThoraxPediatrics

Ultrasound in the emergency department

Alexandra Platon, Geneva, Switzerland Ultrasound

Oncologic spinal cord emergencies what the radiation oncologist wants to know

Lotte Rogg, Oslo, Norway Spine

Post partum bleeding. Imaging and vascular intervention.

Ylva Haig, Oslo, Norway AbdomenVascularIntervention

Imaging and radiation considerations in Emergency CT

Anne Catrine Martinsen, physicist, Oslo, Norway CT ProtocolsMiscellaneousTechnique

Intussusception in the child. Imaging and treatment options.

Christine Sæter, Oslo, Norway AbdomenPediatrics

Hernias of the torso - What your surgeon wants to know

Ken Linnau, Seattle, USA Abdomen

Bariatric surgery - radiologist's perspective and cases

Tiina Lehtimäki, Helsinki, Finland Abdomen

Time for intervention When and how to intervene in stroke

Øivind Gjertsen, Oslo, Norway InterventionHead/Neck

Postoperative complications after GI surgery

Giedre Kavaliauskiene, Oslo, Norway Abdomen

Acute pancreatitis, what's important

Jorge Soto, Boston, USA Abdomen

Unusual etiologies of abdominal pain case-based differential

Ken Linnau, Seattle, USA Abdomen

Bowel ischemia, pearls and pitfalls

Tiina Lehtimäki, Helsinki, Finland Abdomen

Thoracic aorta Non-traumatic emergency imaging

Johannes Godt, Oslo, Norway ThoraxVascular

Unexpected masses encountered in the pediatric ED

Susan John, Houston, USA Pediatrics

Acute osteomyelitis and septic arthritis in children

Elisabeth v. Brandis, Oslo, Norway MusculoskeletalPediatrics

Acute intracranial hemorrhage

Kathleen Fink, Seattle, USA Head/Neck