9th Nordic Trauma Radiology Course 2016


Imaging Polytrauma (M. Gunn) 2016

Intraosseus Contrast (B. Leidner)2016

Ultrasound in Trauma (P.A.Poletti)2016

Prehospital Ultrasound and Anaestesiology (L. Knudsen)2016

Trauma Surgery. Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. (R.Thorninger )2016 will not be on the Website

Battered Child Syndrome. (K. Rosendahl) 2016

Child Abuse and Forensic examination. (S.H.Hansen) 2016 will not be on the Website

Fractures in Children (K.Rosendahl) 2016

Major Trauma in Pediatric Patients. (K.Linnau)2016

Imaging the Pregnant Trauma Patient (M.Gunn)2016

Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures. (K.Linnau)2016

Aortic Injuries. Recent Findings (M.Gunn)2016

Chest Wall Injuries. (M.Nummela) 2016

Blunt Diaphragm Injury. (S.Mirvis )2016

Thorasic Injury and Osteosynthesis of Chest Wall. (K. Neckelmann) 2016

Abdominal Solid Organ Injury. (K.Shanmuganathan) 2016

Retroperitoneum Injuries. (S.Mirvis)2016

Bowel and Mesenteric Injuries (K.Shanmuganathan) 2016

Pearls and Pittfalls in Abdominal Trauma. Case Based (M.Gunn)2016

Art in Radiology (B. Leidner) 2016

Penetrating Trauma (K.Shanmuganathan)2016
T and L Spine 1+2 (K.Linnau)2016

C Spine (S.Mirvis)2016

Trauma DT/Focus DT-protokol. (B. Leidner) 2016

CT for head trauma: direct, detect and the tricks. (K. Fink)2016

Orbital Trauma (S.Mirvis)2016

MRI after head trauma: Who, why, how? (K. Fink)2016

Cervical and Cerebral Angio in Trauma (K. Fink)2016

S100B in Cerebral Trauma (R.Åstrand)2016

Spinal Cord Injury. (K.Fink)2016

Easily Missed Fractures of Foot and Ankle. (K.Linnau)2016

High Energy Lower Extremity Trauma. (K. Linnau)2016

Immobilizing the Spine. New National Approach (T. Wisborg)2016

Trauma to the Knee: 5 + 1 radiographic diagnosis you just can’t miss. (S. Koskinen) 2016

Sports Injuries. (F. Bensch)2016

Ultrasound of musculoskeletal injuries (M.B.Hellfritzsch) 2016

Emergency Oddities (S.Mirvis)2016

Missed Injuries. (K.Shanmuganathan) 2016