7th Nordic Trauma Radiology Course 2012




Trauma & Trauma Care In Finland
Lauri Handolin, MD, PhD


Clinical Aspects in Neurotrauma
Jari Siironen, MD, PhDImaging in Trauma in Finland


Imaging in Trauma in Finland
Seppo Koskinen; MD, PhD


Imaging in Head Trauma: Current Concepts text

James Provenzale, MD


Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury text
Blunt Cerebrovascular Trauma
James Provenzale, MD


Emergency Neuroradiology Trauma Cases
James Provenzale, MD


MDCT of Maxillofacial Trauma
Mats Beckman, MD


Concepts of Cervical Spine Stability
Stuart Mirvis, MD


CT and MRI in Spinal Trauma text
James Provenzale, MD


Update your MDCT Protocols
K. Shanmuganathan, MD


Blunt Abdominal Trauma: Spleen & Liver
K. Shanmuganathan, MD


Blunt Abdominal Trauma: Bowel
Stuart Mirvis, MD


Not always CT: US in Abdominal Trauma
Dominic Barron, MD


Aortic and Pericardial Injuries
Stuart Mirvis, MD


Urogenital Injuries
Johann Baptist Dormagen, MD, PhD


Penetrating trauma: Clinical View Text
Penetrating trauma: Clinical View
Ari Leppäniemi, MD, PhD


Penetrating Trauma to Torso
K. Shanmuganathan, MD


Interventions in Parenchymal Injuries
Kimmo Lappalainen, MD


Radiation issues in CT: The Pregnant Patient
Mika Kortesniemi, PhD


CT in Abdominal Trauma: Radiation Dose Considerations
Savvas Andronikou, MD, PhD


Imaging in Lower Extremity Trauma
Seppo Koskinen; MD, PhD


Crush Injuries
Erkki Tukiainen, MD, PhD


Critical Radiological Decisions & Critical Bleeds
Bertil Leidner, MD


Clinical Aspects in Upper Extremity Trauma
Jan-Magnus Björkenheim, MD, PhD


Imaging in Upper Extremity Trauma
Kimmo Mattila, MD, PhD


Special Considerations for Pediatric Skeletal Trauma
Savvas Andronikou, MD, PhD


Pelvic Trauma
Johann Baptist Dormagen, MD, PhD


Interventions in Pelvic & Extremity
Jussi Numminen, MD, PhD


Bleeding Pelvis: Clinical view
Jan Lindahl, MD


Th- LS Spine: what the clinician wants to know
Laura Tielinen, MD, PhD


Mass Casualty Incidents: Perspectives for Emergency Radiology
Markus Körner, MD


Oslo Mass Casualty: Radiologist-On-Call
Therese Lie, MD


Polytrauma: Logistics, Dose and Protocols
Markus Körner, MD


Aortic Occlusion in Massive Bleed
Lauri Handolin, MD, PhD


Being Radiologist in a Field Hospital. The Danish Experience
Kirstine Lintrup Hermann, MD,PhD


Registrar intervention for better after-hours interpretation of CT
Savvas Andronikou, MD, PhD


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