Preliminary topics



Stroke- strategies to save the brain



Aortic emergencies- diagnosis and EVAR

Acute cardiac failure - new drugs makes diagnosis important

Pulmonary embolism - diagnosis by CT or Scintigraphy?


Abdominal/Renal - Adults

Acute inflammatory disease

On appendicities - Strapscorestudy

Imaging of Bowel Obstruktion incl internal herniation

Intestinal ischemia

Renal calculi and obstruction - when is acute PNP indicated?



Abdominal and thoracic emergencies in infants, neonates and older children

Neonatal catheters in the umbilicus


Hot topics

Acute DVT - managment, diagnosis, aggresive treatment

Central venous catheter - Routines for injecting contrastmedia with pump?

CT protocols - optimized for diagnosis and age; low dose of CM or Radiation?

4th Emergency Radiology 2013

For swedish radiologists in specialist training program, the course will cover topics related to mission goals (Målbeskrivningens delmål) 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-11-12. SOS intyg delas ut till de ST läkare som deltar hela kursen!





Signs, symptoms, imaging and EVAR

Jonny Steuer, Mats-Ola Eriksson

European society of Emergency Radiology

Ulrich Linsenmeier

Why? Risks? Responsibility?

Hampus Eklöf

Technical evolution

Alan Press, KIMAL UK

3-yr experience

Maria Blomberg, Niklas Berg

Clinical aspects on acute DVT and PE

Hans Johnson

Imaging of acute pulmonary embolism – CT vs. ventilation scintigraphy

Clinical outcomes of missed PE and methods for improved detection

Acute invasive treatment of PE

Seth Kligerman

Diagnosis and imaging of acute DVT

Ulf Nyman

The case for early ilio-femoral thrombus removal

Peter Neglen

Technique and results of catheter-directed thrombolysis

Niels Baekgaard

Pharmaco-mechanical techniques – stand alone procedures?

Peter Neglen


Clinical aspects

Fredrik Linder 

Imaging of diverticulitis

Ajay Singh

Imaging of Intestinal ischemia

Ajay Singh

"Strapscore study"

Roland Andersson

Imaging of appendicities

Ajay Singh

Technical aspects

Magnus Sundbom

Technical aspects

Joakim Folkesson

Imaging postop complications

Ole Einar Heieren

Radiological interventions

Ole Einar Heieren


Clinical aspect

Andreas Terent

CT, CTA and MR in acute stroke

Johan Wikström

Ambulance with CT, for stroke-patients

Bjarne Lundholm

New treatment improves outcome

Gerhard Wikström, Olov Duvernoy

Is PNP an urgent procedure?

Einar Brekkan, Maria Lönnemark