BCVI– blunt cerebrovascular injuries Aronborg Concensus Conference Recommendations 2007

Blunt injury to the carotid or vertebral vessels (BCVI) is diagnosed in approximately 1/1000 patients hospitalized for trauma in the United States. When asymptomatic patients are screened for BCVI the incidence rises to 1% of blunt trauma patients. The majority of these injuries are diagnosed following the development of symptoms secondary to central nervous system ischemia with a resultant neurologic morbidity of up to 80% and associated mortality of up to 40%.

The Aronsborg BCVI conference gives recommendations from a Swedish/Nordic perspective.

Concensus documents

Blunt Cerebro-Vascular Injury (PowerPoint presentation pdf-file)

Handling Blunt Cerebro-Vascular Injuries (BCVI) (Carotid & Vertebral)
– An evidence based recommendation (english version pdf-file)

Evidensbaserad rekommendation för handläggning av cerebrovaskulära skador (carotis/vertebralis) efter trubbigt våld

(svensk version pdf-fil)

CT Protocol Suggestions

16 channel MDCT protocol for detecting BCVI Baltimore

Imaging of blunt cerebrovascular injuries - 40 channel CTA Protocol
Clint W. Sliker, Stuart E. Mirvis